UFOs and the paranormal with Malcolm Robinson: Ghostly Eastbourne

I have been researching the weird world of UFOs and paranormal phenomena for well over 35 years now and as an employee of the Eastbourne Herald it gives me great pleasure to start on this regular fortnightly column for the Eastbourne Herald Internet site.

I aim to bring to you, the reader, on a monthly basis, some incredible tales of UFO and ghostly phenomena from around East Sussex. More importantly however, is that I want to hear from you, yes you the reader.

I’m sure that there are many of you ‘out there’ who have your own strange stories to tell, some of which I hope to present here, through the Eastbourne Herald web site. Perhaps you have in your possession what you think is a photograph of a ghost or a UFO, again that is something that we here at the Eastbourne Herald would like to take a look at.

East Sussex is just like any other county in the UK in so far as it too has been touched by paranormal ‘happenings.’ Indeed there is a new book currently out all about the ghosts of Eastbourne and surrounding district written by Janet Cameron of which the following are but a few examples.


It never struck me that a seaside pier could be haunted even though I am well aware that nearly every type of building can be haunted. Janet tells of a ‘black phantom’ who scared staff and workmen in the Channel Bar back in 1983, (now the Atlantis Bar) Local man Charlie Pragnell has witnessed and experienced the ghost of Eastbourne Pier on many occasions many of which are given up here in this book.

There is also a phantom soldier who is seen from time to time on Eastbourne Pier as well as a ghost of a woman and a young boy. So whenever you are walking along the pier on a hot sunny day, you might not be alone! Janet then tells us of a haunted boat at Eastbourne Marina.

The Little Chelsea area of Eastbourne also has its own share of ghostly tales and Janet goes into them leaving you in no doubt that come what may, these were the real deal! One strange story that she relates concerns the Southern Water’s Sewage Treatment Works in Eastbourne where a number of people claim to have witnessed what can only be described as Zombies in those dark dank underground sewers, sounds crazy I know but read the incidents and see if you change your mind! Chapter Six is all about ghosts that have been seen in pubs, Inns and bars.

Here are but a few of the haunted pubs in Eastbourne of which is you are lucky enough, you might just see their resident ghost. The Brazz Inn at the Enterprise Shopping Centre. The Golden Galleon in Seaford, The Lamb Inn Eastbourne, (I’ve been in this one it sure looks and feels the part!) The Prince Albert Eastbourne. The Royal Oak and Castle in Pevensey. The Royal Sovereign in Eastbourne. The Smugglers Inn at Pevensey. The Star Inn in Alfriston, (to name but a few) each of the afore-mentioned pubs has a tale to tell about ghostly apparitions, and the author goes into each one with a fine tooth comb.

The book Paranormal Eastbourne by Janet Cameron is published by Amberley Publishing PLC, Cirencester Road, Chalford, Stroud, Gloucestershire, England, GL6 8PE. www.amberley-books.com It costs £12.99. ISBN: 978-1-84868-9961.


In my next column I’ll be looking into a number of ghostly goings-on in and around Eastbourne, and don’t forget readers, I want to hear your stories as well. Till then sleep tight and forget that rustling noise behind you, it is after all only the rustling of the blinds, isn’t it?

• (UFO Case Files of Scotland and Paranormal Case Files of Great Britain Volume 1) are available at £14.99 each from The Eastbourne Herald Advertising Office, 11 Lismore Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 3BA)