TREVOR WEEKS: Seal thought to be in trouble swam off nice and strongly

Harbour Seal at Piddinghoe SUS-160310-093710001
Harbour Seal at Piddinghoe SUS-160310-093710001

WRAS received a call from a concerned member of the public after they discovered what they thought was a young seal in trouble on the banks of the River Ouse near Piddinghoe.

The caller reported the seal as being about 2ft long and struggling to move.

My colleague Chris Riddington and I walked quite a distance along the river bank to find the seal which was over 3ft in length and luckily in reasonable body condition and showing no signs of illness or disease.

The seal was monitored for a while and after watching it swim off nice and strongly the seal was left alone.

You can see a video of the seal on our You Tube Channel at

Rescuers were called to yet another couple of deer this week.

On Saturday night we were called down to West Dean to search for a roe deer thought to be injured.

Although the deer was initially caught trying to get through stock fencing it freed itself and is thought to have run off.

Rescuer Chris Riddington did see the deer which run off extremely well and is thought to have escaped the garden by the time Andrew, Charlotte, Kathy and I arrived.

We checked the garden using torches and our new heat seeking cameras but no deer was found.

As a general rule we don’t deal with road casualties but as the young smaller deer stand a much higher chance of survival we will attend them if we have the time, and resources available.

Chris, Laura and Katie rushed to a road casualty roe deer in Chiddingly.

It was a young male deer with a nasty wound to its rear end.

Chris and Sylvia Collinson were called to assist as were Kathy and I.

The foot-long wound through the groin was suitable for suturing but the damage around the anus was going to be extremely problematic, so I called in our vet Mike to have a look.

Sadly Mike confirmed our fears that the damaged was quite extensive and would have been extremely difficult to treat without stressing the deer out too much, so everyone was in agreement to end the deer’s suffering.

Thank you to everyone who helped us raise £524 at Lewes Waitrose in their Community Matters green token scheme.

We have just received the cheque.

Thank you very much to all the staff and customers for their support.

We have continued to get numerous night time calls.

A poorly hedgehog came in from East End Road, Ditchling, where we have released some in the past.

The caller was concerned over the body condition of the hedgehog and the amount of spines missing.

Once at WRAS’s Casualty Centre the hedgehog was found to be underweight and suffering from ringworm which it is now being treated for.

This hedgehog was not chipped so not one which was have previously released.

Other rescues have included Casualty Manager Katie Nunn Nash rescuing a poor tawny owl in Bexhill.

The RSPCA asked us to respond to a road casualty fox in St Leonards as they had no one in the area which rescuer Tony kindly attended.

WRAS ambulances have also been out to a cygnet crossing the A259 near Hooe and a hedgehog in Eastbourne with a damaged nose.

Chris and I also rushed to Sovereign Harbour after reports of a fox struggling in the water, when we arrived we checked all round but couldn’t find anything but later heard that a member of the public had pulled the fox out of the water but it sadly had passed away.

Thursday night last week turned into a busy one admitting and treat 10 casualties in one evening.

We have a small hog in at 160grams from Golden Cross, two injured wood pigeons, two damaged feral pigeons and a dove from Bexhill Wildlife Rescue who asked us to help due to them being full.

We have had a magpie that had sadly passed away on arrival, volunteer Abbie has brought in an injured mouse, Kai and Gemma have been to a greenfinch in Eastbourne, Laura and Gemma dealt with an injured pigeon in Polegate, to name just a few.

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