TREVOR WEEKS: Official opening of our first ever charity shop

WRAS Charity Shop Opening SUS-161010-094555001
WRAS Charity Shop Opening SUS-161010-094555001

With our expansion over the past few years, and how busy we have become, we have needed to look at new revenue to help cover the increasing costs of our work.

So this year we decided to set up our first charity shop which kindly former MP of Eastbourne Stephen Lloyd officially opened by cutting the ribbon for on Saturday.

The shop is now officially open.

Thanks to everyone who came along, shared cake and nibbles with us and picked up a bargain.

Thank you to everyone who baked some fantastic cakes and brought in drinks and bits, the cheese straws were amazing!

It has been a long process to get the shop to where it is, so a big thank you to Chris Riddington who has worked so hard on pulling everything together, helped by John Masters for all of his support, advice, knowledge and experience.

We need to thank Tim Raynor, WRAS’s builder who has put most of the shop together.

As well as WRAS volunteers Laura Carrick and John Debop and trustee Brian Russell for all of their time and skills putting together equipment, tidying, sorting and more.

Thank you to SignTek and Tectonic for all of their help in getting the shop looking bright and welcoming.

Well done to shop managers Lois Attwater and John Racher and all of the volunteers at the shop for making this project a reality and continue to push it forward and make it a success.

We hope that this shop is going to help us to continue to do the lifesaving work we do for the wildlife of East Sussex.

Each item that sells will help us continue our work long into the future, so please do pop in say hello to the team, buys some bits and even watch some of our WRAS rescues in our educational area upstairs.

Rescuer Tony Neads rushed to a very poorly and emaciated little owl found in the porch of a house in Dallington on Thursday.

He was soon in the hands of casualty manager Katie Nunn Nash who was able to gently warm him up and start feeding him little and often to try and get him back on his feet again.

It was touch and go as to whether he would survive, but by the end of the day he was standing and looking much brighter but a long way to go yet.

Rescuers Daryl Farmer and Mitch Sasse rescued a tawny owl road casualty at Beckley, near Rye.

The caller was desperately trying to find someone but at night there are very few people you can call on.

Badly concussed, this owl needed seeing, it’s a good job WRAS operates a small out of hours service for emergencies.

We are only a small charity but we try our best to do as much as possible - it’s not always enough for some, but it’s the best we can do.

The owl has made a really good recovery, and we hope he will be suitable for release very soon.

We have also had a kestrel admitted from St Annes Vets Eastbourne with an injury under one wing which needed suturing.

It’s thought the bird had collided with overhead wires.

A young pigeon delivered to the centre and now with Kathy “The Pigeon Lady” Martyn at Uckfield for rearing, found in Hastings after the nest was destroyed on a building site.

An ambulance also responded to a plea for help by a lady in Shoreham after no one more local was free to help her with a young hedgehog.

We also had a gull rescued at Ocklyinge Junior School in Eastbourne now with Bird Aid as a permanent resident due to an injury to its eye.

There have been vet visits daily this week including a hedgehog in for an X-ray as it was walking strangely.

The X-ray shows a small amount of spondylosis of the spine which may be causing the problem.

A house martin sadly had to be put to sleep from Lower Dicker due to a badly fractured wing.

The pigeon with a large abcess on its head has undergone minor surgery to remove the abscess and is doing well.

On Saturday the Lewes Mayor’s charity has organised an event called “Beating the Bounds of Lewes”.

One of the chosen charities is WRAS.

This will be the 21st Beating The Bounds since the grant of the Borough Charter and the establishment of the mayoralty in 1881 and it is expected that, as far as possible, the event will follow the traditional route which is about 10miles long.

Chris and I will be walking the route throughout the day with the Lewes Mayor Dr Graham Mayhew and other charity representative.

You can donate to our sponsored walk via our Just Giving page at