TREVOR WEEKS: The joys of microchipping

We have on old friend come to see us this week. Summer the hedgehog is now at least four years old. We first met her on July 16, 2014 as a young adult back, but was released back to the wild.

Saturday, 30th June 2018, 8:00 am
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 4:48 pm
Young hedgehogs rescue over the weekend (3) (1) SUS-180627-115531001

The blessings of microchipping our hedgehogs... She was found some way from where she was first found and released, but I guess in four years you can travel a fair way. Its nice to see she has had a good life and survived so well.

Hopefully it won’t be long before she will be back again too.

This heat is causing hedgehogs a few problems.

We have had a few in dehydrated and in need of help.

So please ensure you have a shallow dish of water available in your garden for visiting wildlife.

It is also worth putting food at during these dry hot spells to as many creatures will struggle to find food too.

We have had a few victims of dogs this week, including this very young underweight fallow deer found on the Millenium Green at Ridgewood, Uckfield.

The deer was clearly very underweight and possible abandoned for an unknown reason which probably made the youngster more vulnerable.

The poor creature had puncture wounds to her neck and cheek.

Further examination showed broken ribs and trauma to the spine.

Despite deer specialists Chris and Sylvia trying their best they were unable to save the poor creature.

We have a stunning tawny owl in care found near Windmill Hill after being caught in garden netting.

There were a few damaged feathers and he needed monitoring for ligature wounds but we hope he will be suitable for release soon.

Rescuers rushed to a poorly fox cub which had to be admitted suffering with a nasty infected wound to his chest and fractured ribs.

It is still touch and go but our vets feel there is a chance.

Our night time rescues have been busy and Chris and I have not been finishing till gone 1am on a regular basis.

Last week I found myself rushing to the aid of two very small hatchling bird in Burgess Hill and having to them rush over to a catted young rabbit and catted blackbird, both in Heathfield.

We finished off the night heading into Eastbourne for a young wood pigeon in Percival Road.

Monday night I had to rush to a very poorly young mouse in Eastbourne followed by a grounded bat in Ingrams Way, Hailsham, and then to deal with an injured duck from Newhaven.

It had a nasty back injury, and the duck was transported straight to the emergency vets in Brighton, returning gone 2am.

Chris had a brilliant job this week reuniting three siblings with each other.

They had clearly lost mum.

One baby came in Sunday but then we received another call on Monday as two more youngsters were found peeping and calling.

They certainly would not have survived if they had been left.

They are now with our orphan team leader Katie to work her magic.

Big thank you to everyone who came along to the East Dean Greensward Fete last weekend.

It was very busy and our volunteer Chloe did a grand job raising money and talking to people and encouraging them to care for our local wildlife.

We attended the event with local residents John and Sue, who have started a hedgehog street project in the village too.

So if you have seen a hedgehog in East Dean please e-mail me at [email protected] and I will pass the information on to them.

Another two little hedgehogs came in last week late at night.

A very young baby with its eyes still closed was found in Stonegate.

At the same time another young hog entangled in a carrier bag has been rescued in Hailsham.

The plastic bag was that tight it has left a pressure wound across the little one’s throat