Trevor’s Week: Rescuers go batty over the weekend

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We have had yet another busy week of call-outs, including two baby bats.

These are the first ones we have dealt with this year. One was found in the centre of Seaford and handed in at Beachwood Vets, and the second was at Ringmer, and both are thought to be baby serotine bats.

They have been transported to Jacky from the Sussex Bat Group in Eastbourne and Jenny Clark and her Bat Hospital at Forest Row.

It is hoped that both of them will be able to be reunited with their parents, but this is not always easy to do.

We have a little 99g young hoglet come into care this week after being attacked by a terrier. The poor creature has a number of puncture wounds and is now with WRAS carer Monica.

We had a call out to a pigeon trapped in a disused flue pipe in a kitchen at Boreham Street. An ordinary call-out turned out to be rather bizarre!

The saga begins with a phone call at 7.30pm from a very worried lady about a poor pigeon who was very stressed and trapped inside her old Aga flue for two days, that is no longer in use. We arrive at an old Sussex style house, lots of nooks and crannies and are led to the kitchen, where the flue runs from the ceiling to halfway down the wall ending at a wooden shelf.

We hear a noise and initially we think there is a bird trapped. We erect a ladder across the width of the kitchen and I climb up with screwdriver to start to take shelf apart. I eventually managed to force the shelf away from the flue and look up inside and nothing, the flue is completely empty.

The lady is shocked in disbelief now wondering where the bird could be. Still not convinced, the lady asks if we could check the loft and other possible places where a bird might get stuck. Eventually after going round the house trying not to disturb her sleeping children we look everywhere. We go back to the kitchen to listen again, where the noise starts again.

Kathy and I slowly listen round the kitchen and eventually realise the noise is coming from the back of the fridge. I pull it away from the wall and the lady listens and realises that after all the noise is coming from the fridge. I think she has a lot of explaining to do to her husband and the people in the pub opposite who knew why we were there!

Huge congratulations to our assistant manager Lindsay Redfern who got a First in her Animal Science Degree at Canterbury University, we are all proud of you Lindsay.