Town should be proud of the Eastbourne Half Marathon

For some the Eastbourne Half Marathon is a source of annual annoyance.

It is a time when their sedate Sunday mornings are rudely interrupted by road closures, traffic congestion and an inability to move freely around the seafront for a couple of hours every March – all because of the selfish behaviour of hundreds of runners.

It is a sad reflection on a lack of people’s tolerance that organisers received a few calls from angry residents hell bent on stopping the half marathon from passing near their homes.

Fortunately, this selfish attitude is not reflected widely.

He who shouts loudest does not always represent the majority.

This is the ninth year of the Eastbourne Half Marathon, a fine showcase for the town which brings runners in from all over the region.

Each year, the race raises tens of thousands of pounds for charity and promotes a healthy way of life.

The curmudgeons of this world would rather lead sad and insular lives.

In fact, but for the likes of the half marathon, Airbourne, international tennis, top theatre shows and other showpiece attractions, then the cynics would deride Eastbourne as a boring town where nothing much happens.

Well, you can be sure that on Sunday, Eastbourne will be alive to the sound of runners.