Tories can't stop arguing with themselves over Brexit, so we deserve to have our say

From: David BlackledgeBaslow Road

Friday, 30th November 2018, 7:58 am
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 3:32 am

Caroline Ansell complains that the council’s vote to support a referendum on the terms of Brexit is “seriously undemocratic”.

Yet in 2013 she seconded a motion by the same council urging the town’s MP “to vote for a referendum on membership of the European Union”.

Either she is suffering from severe memory loss or she is a hypocrite.

I attended the council meeting on Monday evening as a member of the public who is concerned, as are so many others, that the Brexit we are heading for is far removed from the sunny uplands promised by the Leave campaign.

As a result I believe that we, the people, deserve to have a say on the final terms including the option of remaining in the EU.

That would be truly democratic.

Ms Ansell’s account of the meeting seems to have more to do with party politics than engaging in rational debate.

The truth is that none of the Tory interventions addressed the substance of the argument, falling back on meaningless slogans.

Ms Ansell thinks that the best line of the night was Tory Councillor Freebody’s call for everybody to rally and pull together in the national interest.

That is simply farcical.

Maybe it escaped Ms Ansell’s and Councillor Freebody’s notice that the Tory Party in Westminster cannot stop arguing with itself over Brexit.

All the indications are that the country is having second thoughts about Brexit as the reality comes closer.

Eastbourne has just joined a long list of councils of all political colours that back a People’s Vote as the only sensible way forward.