Too much talk, not enough action from council on disability audit for Eastbourne

From: R BeechTolkien Road

Friday, 2nd August 2019, 11:26 am

It would appear that Eastbourne Borough Council cabinet agrees in principle for a disability audit for the towns public buildings and services to proceed, in other words a lot of talk and no action.

There have been numerous letters in the Herald regrading the appalling facilities for disabled parking at the Congress Theatre.

The 30 minute limit on one bay is just a revenue collection point for the council and the job lot yellow paint, marking chevrons everywhere prevents blue badge holders parking in road close to theatre for the duration of the show.

I don’t think this would cause too many traffic problems. Remember if you can’t get to the venue you can’t enjoy the facilities.

Unfortunately worse is yet to come with the new Cineworld.

Disabled persons arrive at the car park and park in a disabled bay, if they are lucky.

You then get from the car to your wheelchair and make your way, by being pushed or self propelled, to the lift down to the ground floor.

You then have to make your way some considerable distance to the next lift to take you up to empty restaurant level.

You are now about halfway, so further exertion to get along to the walkway bridge to the other side of the building and there is the third lift to get you to Cineworld.

Assault course complete, hope you enjoy film.

Our town planners should surely have foreseen these problems when approving the plans, so suggest our planners and councillors should spend a week in a wheelchair in town with a visit to Cineworld and Congress to appreciate the problems that disabled (and elderly) persons have to endure.