To the Manor Bourne: Queen of Surprises

A group of 38 Colombian students from LTC Eastbourne received the perfect farewell gift after their month-long trip to England – a letter from the Queen!

The students, all of whom were visiting England for the first time, had learnt lots about the British monarchy during their English classes in Eastbourne, in preparation for a trip to Windsor Castle.

Keen to find out even more, they each sent a letter to Buckingham Palace asking the Queen about her life. Some of the burning questions included whether the Queen used Facebook, if she liked One Direction, and did she really skydive at the London 2012 opening ceremony?

Despite Her Majesty’s busy schedule, she still found time to instruct her lady-in-waiting Philippa de Pass to personally respond to the students and send her best wishes.

It wasn’t only the Colombians that were surprised to hear back from Buckingham Palace - LTC Director Paul Clark was equally shocked.

In his own letter, he invited the Queen to visit the language school in Compton Park – a residence which Her Majesty last visited in 1946.

Although she could not accept the invitation, she expressed gratitude for the offer.

The 13-year-old Colombian students, from the county’s capital Bogota, have all returned home with photocopies of the Queen’s response to show their parents.

After four weeks of English studies, and excursions to some of England’s most famous landmarks, ending the holiday with correspondence from the ultimate British celebrity is a memorable moment.

Some students, however, seemed a little disappointed that the Queen didn’t add them as friends on Facebook.

Some suspect this is because she was too busy playing Flappy Bird.