Time to open that charm school

What goes on inside the heads of young people is something of a mystery to me.

When I was a young un and an older person was in need of a seat on a bus we would jump up without a second thought and offer it to them.

Not so anymore it would seem.

I hopped on the number 54 bus to Heathfield via Willingdon this week and there were two teenagers sitting on the priority seats at the front of the bus absolutely oblivious to the fact an elderly man had got on and had to stand.

I asked them if they were disabled and more in need of a seat than a frail pensioner and when they said they weren’t, I pointed out the elderly man would probably appreciate their seats.

They glared at me as if I had asked them to rip their own fingernails out with their teeth and remained seated.

I told the driver who simply gave me one of those “I know, the yoof of today” kind of shrugs and did nothing.

I recounted the story to my neighbour later who said that if we opened a charm school in Eastbourne, you’d make a small fortune. How right she is.

The search for Eastbourne’s nicest coffee shops has hit the headlines this week after mystery shoppers visited 29 eateries and gave them marks for the ambience and cleanliness as well as how decent the cuppa was.

Such a shame the mystery shoppers didn’t make it to one of my favourite places in the town which is Beanz in Grove Road, although they did go to the other, Coffee Republic.

You’re always guaranteed a good morning and a nice smile in Beanz and even though Coffee Republic is one of those High Street chains, the ladies behind the counter are always pleasant and cheery no matter what time of day it is.

Perhaps the mystery shoppers can try out the town’s fish and chip shops next.