Time to box the vandals’ ears

Call me old fashioned and extreme but I know what I’d like to do to the vandals who left a trail of destruction after breaking into both the new cafe in Princes Park and the bowling club this week and ran amok.

Both had recently been done up to make the area more attractive, not just for visitors but residents too.

But all that hard work was undone during the early hours of Tuesday by mindless morons who seem to think it’s acceptable to ransack their way through other people’s possessions causing hundreds of pounds of damages as they do so.

Personally I’d love just ten minutes in a room with them and a baseball bat to teach them some manners.

But perhaps when they’re caught, instead of being given a slap on the wrist and put on some namby pamby politically correct course or programme, they can get their backsides back down to the park and help restore the buildings they trashed back to their former glory.

I hate to say it but Eastbourne seems to be the town where time stands still as far as clocks are concerned. The Millennium Clock outside Superdrug is working but what about the one at the Pier or the one above what used to be Bruford’s then Russell and Bromley in Diesel Alley?

It would seem the Pier clock, refurbished in 1991 to guarantee space age accuracy with satellite controlled timing, hasn’t been working for more than two years, the dial facing west is dangerous and about to fall out of its casing, one dial is without hands, one has stopped and the other hanging on precariously.

I wonder if Brufords could be persuaded to repair the lovely clock in Diesel Alley?

And while we are on the subject of public clocks, why was the working art deco style clock at the Bandstand removed last year when structural repairs took place and will it ever be returned I wonder?