Time for council to get skates on

Remember all the hullaballoo over the Manor Gardens skate park? Now, it would appear that despite agreeing the old BMX park in Cross Levels Way would be a great place for the little treasurers to head with their scooters, the council wants to “consult” with young people on other locations including the old rifle range instead. I don’t mind where it goes but why all this consultation? When I was a nipper we had the paddling pool and donkey rides in Princes Park and the ABC Minors at the cinema on a Saturday morning and we were grateful. Yes, we would’ve liked an ice skating rink and an arcade but we made do with what we had. Can I respectfully suggest the council gets on with spending the £120,000 earmarked for Cross Levels Way skatepark and stop wasting time and money on “consulting”?

Now that lovely bright double yellow lines have appeared along Kings Drive, perhaps all the bloody minded motorists who parked there to avoid paying for tickets in the nearby hospital car park and completely destroyed the grass verges, can invest in some packets of grass seeds and nurse the verges back to normality so it doesn’t have to be paid for by council tax payers.

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday and once again I am terribly envious of my friends whose mothers are still around. Mine shuffled off her mortal perch 13 years ago but I’m lucky enough to have some wonderful people in my life who, especially over the last seven months, have always been there. So, Happy Mother’s Day to Anne Little, the aunts Sylvia Viles and Brenda Tarrant, Jane Gould, my long suffering step-mother Christine Field and the best neighbour ever, Meryl Plant. And if the Little Treasures read this, I’d love scrambled eggs and smoked salmon for brekkie Sunday!