Three months on, and it’s a roller-coaster ride as MP

Caroline and Nick Ansell SUS-150508-094616001
Caroline and Nick Ansell SUS-150508-094616001

MP for Eastbourne and Willingdon

I’ll never forget that night, and the emotions of thinking at different times that I had both won and lost.

All evening it was clear the count was very close indeed, and the one thing that wasn’t a surprise was that the margin was just 733.

When I turned up at the count at about 1.30am, I had been told by my team that it was too close to call, and that I needed to have both my winning and losing speeches in my pocket.

I paced around in the cold night air outside the Winter Garden for what seemed like an age.

My opponent then came in, again not knowing whether he was there to celebrate or otherwise.

After the returning officer called the agents and officials together, instructed a bundle recount, and ultimately stacked all the ballots up 
on tables it became obvious that I had won by a few 
hundred, it still took quite 
a while to believe it to be

Since then it has been a roller coaster of a ride as 

From making my maiden speech in the House of Commons, where I paid tribute to Stephen Lloyd, and another predecessor Ian Gow (whose untimely death, 25 years ago we marked last week), to attending some 100 or more functions in Eastbourne
 and Willingdon, and already dealing with some 250 
plus items of case work - 
it has been quite a ride, and indeed a tremendous privilege to serve the town I love in this way.

I have met literally thousands of local people in the
 last threee months - if we haven’t met yet I hope we will do soon.

My website lists my surgeries which take place around the town, and many of the events I attend - you can also invite me to your event if you wish via

There is a lot of unfair talk about MPs taking loads of time off during the summer recess - I can assure you that’s not the case with me!

I will have a few family 
days off, but from hereon
 in I am out and about just about everyday around the constituency, and very
 much looking forward to Airbourne, and all the 
other events we get to enjoy as part of an Eastbourne summer.