The rise of the naughty fairies!

Those mischievous fairies have been at it again I see. You know the ones.

They tie tangles in your hair while you’re sleeping, leave an almighty mess under the kitchen table, break toys when no one’s looking, use the last of the milk/ toilet roll and replace good batteries with ones burnt out in the Sky remote.

Now they have been up to their old tricks painting double yellow lines across the town.

Aside from the fact they seemed to have done their worst during the night and painted a metre long stretch in Saffrons Road, they appear to have snuck in unpopular ones in other locations like surrounding roads to schools such as Mill Gap Road and along Southfields Road.

It beggars belief that while they were out causing mischief with their yellow paintbrushes, they didn’t paint some along the side of the heavily congested Albert Parade – where you have to be driving a Dinky car to get through because of all the inconsiderate motorists who double park there.

alking of Albert Parade, there’s an almighty rumpus going on among traders and residents over plans by Mr Sainsbury to open a shop where The Drive Pub currently sits.

Supermarket giants are renowned for poaching business away from little traders when they open these stores.

And what’s worse is it’s yet another pub earmarked for closure which is never a good thing in my book.

If somebody sees any marbles this weekend can they hang onto them as I have officially lost mine.

I’m off to a cousin’s wedding in Ireland this month and my plus one is going to be none other than Claude Debussy, the well travelled bear from Eastbourne’s Grand Hotel.

Needless to say I have told him to pack his dancing shoes and crash helmet.

Finally, a very happy birthday to my Little Princess on Sunday. She is nine – going on 18.