The insidious noise that intrudes in Westham

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From: GP Sweet

Montfort Road, Westham

My wife and I moved to the Westham area in April this year and for the most part are settling in reasonably well.

We do, of course, expect more in the way of local traffic sounds, after all we all make and contribute some, to a greater or lesser degree depending on the type of vehicle we use.

There are those motorbikes which sound as if they belong more on a racetrack than a public highway, and, some cars also.

What is really annoying is the various light aircraft which regularly drone their way overhead, in some cases, also causing extra annoyance by performing some form of aerobatic flying to boot.

Pilots must surely be aware of the awful noise these machines produce .

There are, apparently, no anti-noise laws to cover this aspect of flight, and I also believe their fuel is considerably cheaper due to no tax being levied!

Surely these aircraft should be looked at when both air and noise pollution are taken into account, as they don’t appear to care who they annoy with their mode of transport.

I, for one, would relish the chance to enjoy a good book without this insidious noise intruding. I don’t expect everyone to enjoy the same things,but it would be a pleasant change in this day and age for certain sectors of our community to show some consideration for those people who simply enjoy a different hobby, or pursuit.