The Grand Hotel: Executive Head Chef at The Grand Hotel Eastbourne, Keith Mitchell, gears up for ‘Time for a Cuppa’ week

JPEt The Grand Hotel Eastbourne
JPEt The Grand Hotel Eastbourne

With ‘Time for a Cuppa’ week taking place from March 1-8, The Grand Hotel is looking forward to delivering extra servings of the nation’s favourite hot beverage to all of our guests.

The history of tea is fascinating and the importance of it as part of our national identity has been long established. Spanning back thousands of years and crossing over many different cultural divides, tea in the United Kingdom has played a pivotal role in our global trade and is seen as a symbol of ‘Britishness’.

Making time for tea is about bringing people together and having fun. From savouring a hot brew as part of our morning routine to enjoying a pot as part of a delicious Afternoon Tea later in the day, the iconic cuppa is more than just a drink in the UK, it’s a way of life!

Although 90% of the tea consumed in Britain is of the traditional black variety with a dash of milk and sometimes a sugar lump or two, there are various selections of tea flavours all offering something slightly different for the palate.

Here at The Grand Hotel we offer a menu of traditional, fruit or herbal infusions so if you aren’t keen on traditional black teas, a fruit or herbal version are both a fantastic alternative and offer a lighter flavour variation.

Tea has long been considered a medicinal drink with the earliest record dating back to the third century AD. Herbal teas are great for aiding all sorts of ailments including mint tea for digestion, ginger for travel sickness and sore throats, and lemon for aiding with sleep.

With more people than ever before enjoying Afternoon Tea, it’s a great alternative to lunch and the ideal way to celebrate any special occasion – it’s even becoming popular with wedding couples to celebrate with an Afternoon Tea as opposed to a traditional wedding breakfast.

Enjoy a Cuppa’ week is another good reason to meet with family and friends and indulge in an age old tradition dating back to the 1840s.

And what better way to enjoy a slice of history than with The Grand Hotel’s Palm Court Strings who have been the resident orchestra at the hotel since 1924?

Broadcasting live to the BBC every Sunday for fifteen years until the outbreak of the Second World War, the Palm Court Strings are an integral part of The Grand’s tea time history and guests can still delight in their beautiful music on the last Sunday of every month.