The Business Coach with Laura Murphy: “Corporate responsibility...”

Question: “I want the business to be involved with the community but getting resistance from the Board. Help!” Matthew

Answer: “Numerous studies now show real benefits from community involvement including greater staff satisfaction, motivation and commitment in those Companies who actively support it. Communities are also helping businesses in return so it’s become a 2-way relationship. It can still be a hard sell though in some organisations.

Who is the main decision maker and influencer on the Board? Discover what motivates her/him and tailor your proposal in a way that fits that motivation. Build your business case and start small, offering the boardroom for trustee meetings for example, allowing a sponsored event, and even match fund it. Identify imaginative development opportunities: second a promising manager for a few hours each month, or do a job swop for example.

Demonstrate staff support for the proposal and if there isn’t a favoured charity try which will help you identify the best fit. Best of luck!”

Laura Murphy is an organisational development specialist accredited Growth Accelerator and Executive Coach. To solve your problem email or tweet @WayfinderWoman Names and details have been changed.