Thanks to Eastbourne firefighters for rescuing entangled gull

Baby fox
Baby fox

We must thank the guys from Eastbourne Fire Station for helping us to rescue a gull seriously entangled in line on a roof at the weekend.

The bird was badly entangled and had caused a ligature wound to the leg as a result. The gull is now at the Casualty Centre and been medicated.

Sussex Police called us out to goose which crash-landed on Cross Levels Way. Two vehicles from Eastbourne and Polegate rushed to the scene. T

he goose was wandering along the grass verge and tried several times to take off but kept crashing. Quickly secured the goose was taken to the Casualty Centre and assessed and found to have sight problems. The goose is going to be assessed by the Swan Sanctuary this week.

Thank you to everyone who came along to our Spring Fair in Seaford and especially to WRAS volunteers for all their help on the stalls. In just a few hours we took over £330! We especially loved the hedgehog cupcakes made by Catherine which all sold.

What a great night we had at the British Animal Honours Awards at Elstree last week. Don’t forget to watch the programme tonight (April 18th) to see if we won. It’s on ITV1.

Rescuer Jayden attended on site to what was thought to be a squirrel trapped in a cavity, as he unscrewed the plaster board he discovered a little fox cub looking back at him. The kind lady who owned the house mentioned that she often sees foxes on the roof of the extension as they jump from the wooden fence.

The extension roof has a apex roof round three sides and a drainage channel running through it. When this was constructed the sides were not boarded over so the vixen was able to enter the channel and jump into the roof space. The owner was worried that more cubs could be inside the roof and could fall down into the cavity or would struggle to get off the roof and fall to their death on the concrete below. A friend of the lady visited the following day and helped create a hole in the roof by removing tiles so I could get inside.

It took over an hour to get inside and over 30 minutes checking once I had squeezed through the hole. We found a dead frog and a couple of Bonio dog biscuits. After a thorough check it appears the vixen had moved all the other cubs off the roof, but left this one behind after it fell into the cavity where she sadly couldn’t get to it.

The cub is now in our care and being hand-reared.