Surprised no back up generators at waste water treatment works

Southern Water's Eastbourne wastewater treatment works. Picture: Google SUS-190728-120656001
Southern Water's Eastbourne wastewater treatment works. Picture: Google SUS-190728-120656001

From: Clive A Baldwin

Aberdale Road, Polegate

I note the current spillage as mentioned on-line . Eastbourne’s waste water treatment station can handle 86 million litres of wastewater pumped in and “treated” everyday!

The plant had an electrical surge which caused its pumps etc to fail, I understand.

I’m surprised that no back up system was installed when built with emergency back-up generators, especially as the plant cost a lot of money to build.

This is a serious incident for our town and surrounding coastal villages, especially as it has now emerged that the event was allowed to take place over 10 hours.

This therefore would mean 35,833,333 litres of raw (untreated)sewage was allowed to contaminate our coastal waters,and beaches.

We must remember, that it is not only the environment that suffers from this, and previous spillages, but also humans and animals can be contaminated.

Exeter University is carrying out a study into seawater antibiotics. Antibiotics discharged from treatment of farm animals can seep into rivers from animal waste.

This can then enter the sea, especially now from untreated sewage, and if sea water is accidently ingested whilst swimming or from other water sports, it can enter the blood stream of that person.

This then can lead to a resistance to certain antibiotics, which in turn could effect them if they needed antibiotics during a surgical procedure in hospital etc.,.and could potentially lead to death, if an infection became untreatable.

The notices displayed did not appear on beaches till about 36 hours after the incident occurred in Eastbourne I understand.

They too were not displayed on every beach area within the town, and neither in the surrounding coastal villages that the contaminated water washed the beaches.

Therefore people would not have been informed, and so may have been contaminated!