A safe haven for young people on the streets

From: Nancy WalfordDeputy manager, Sunrise of Eastbourne, Upper Kings Drive

Friday, 31st August 2018, 9:36 am
Updated Monday, 3rd September 2018, 12:18 pm
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Sunrise of Eastbourne, on Upper King’s Drive, have joined a new scheme that is being used in the community to help and protect young people who find themselves feeling uncomfortable or threatened on the streets.

The Sunrise of Eastbourne Community is now a designated safe place for any young people who may find themselves in trouble or feeling out of their comfort zone when on the streets of Eastbourne.

The scheme encourages local businesses to open their doors so that young people have a place to seek refuge when they need it. The young person can then wait until the problem has gone away or ask for assistance; and a friend or family are called to help.

Sunrise of Eastbourne believes the Safe Haven Scheme is a great way to bring people from the local area together and encourage younger and older people to be more involved and forge important bonds with each other. This is a fast-growing scheme with over 100 organisations now taking part, county wide. The Sunrise community will be displaying a poster showing that they welcome and will assist anyone requesting help, so be sure to look out for the ‘Safe Haven’ symbol if you need a hand.

This wonderful new scheme is such a great idea and we are so happy that Sunrise of Eastbourne can help the local schools and young people make sure they stay safe and happy on their daily travels. We hope that no one ever has to endure any issues or face trouble, but just in case, we are always here and our doors are always open.