REV DAVID FAREY: Music can really stir the soul if you let it

David Farey SUS-151105-131625001
David Farey SUS-151105-131625001

In Harry Potter Albus Dumbledore says, “Ah, music. A magic beyond all we do here!” Music is extremely powerful. Just imagine watching a film without any music in it, especially an adventure or a drama.

It just would not be the same.

I love listening to music and often have it playing while working in the study or out running. I find it inspirational and uplifting.

Music in our churches is essential and we are really fortunate at Hellingly to have Peter Willson, who is also a jazz pianist, so our services really do go with a zing!

We like to promote concerts when we can, such as an event that will part of the Hailsham Arts Festival, happening the to September 8 to 18. Hailsham FM will be very much a part and is still going strong via the internet.

Hailsham FM is one of the stations around Sussex which has been granted a community radio licence by Ofcom.

Behind the scenes work is proceeding apace with the aim of getting on air via FM around next April. Really exciting!

All over Sussex there will be a number of these small stations broadcasting to their localities.

They will have a tremendous impact upon their communities as more and more people get involved.

On Hailsham FM we have a programme that provides a showcase for new bands and performers.

Promoting local musicians is something really precious.

I know how important music has been to my three children with two of them earning their livings by it.

In fact my son, Jon is bringing his talents back to Sussex where he started with his music lessons via the East Sussex Music Service at school.

He is giving a gala concert with his wind ensemble at Laughton on September 3 and is an encouragement to all young musicians. (See their website for details).

Music for young people provides a focus and trains discipline if you are to get anywhere.

It provides a group of likeminded friends that are tremendously supportive and helps to engender a sense of achievement and values that stay with you.

Churches like ours provide many outlets. We have a choir and even a Music for Minis in school term time for pre-school age children to come and enjoy singing and playing simple instruments.

Our Family Services become a cacophony of noise when we get the instruments out in the last song! It’s all to the glory of God and tremendous fun.

I have even been known to get my guitar out!

Whatever your taste music can stir the soul if you let it!