REV DAVID FAREY: Great news as Hailsham gets community radio station

The waiting is over! Hailsham is to have its very own community radio station! This really is fantastic news for the town and community.

Friday, 29th April 2016, 5:00 pm
David Farey SUS-151105-131625001

Radio can be just background noise found playing in pubs or shops or when you are cooking and can blend in so as to be practically unnoticed, but it is a resource and a tool that can transform a community.

Living in such a visual age we are in danger of underestimating the power of radio.

When used effectively transforms communities and has tremendous impact. The strengths of radio are that it provides a voice for people in communities, it is a forum for exchanging views, ideas and information and helps to bring people closer together.

Society is in a time of great transition.

We are becoming increasingly multicultural, even here in Sussex. The need for more housing is transforming our landscape with more and more houses being built and needing to be built. New communities are forming but without the means for people to come together in effective and supportive ways. People’s lifestyles are such that they can often end up being surrounded by people and yet still isolated. This can be especially so for the disabled and elderly. The radio can often be their sole companion.

Community radio has the advantage over bigger organisations which are formed by local members of the community for the good of their community. Hailsham FM has a proven track record and has a wonderful group of people running it. I am one of them as I see it as an expression of my faith because people matter.

Far from being just nonstop music its aim is to be a focus for local opinions and ideas; a chance for people to have their say on issues affecting their community. It gives councillors and members of the public a chance to have their say. There will be better understanding of why decisions are made as they are. It will also be on top of local incidents and events, a mouthpiece for local charities and groups.

The build up to going on air begins on May 7 with a stall on Hailsham town market. Over the coming weeks and months we want people to join us as supporters and volunteers, as well as to gain local support from businesses and organisations with a view to start broadcasting in a few months’ time. If you would like to join us then ring one of the team on 01323 886449, or via Facebook or email [email protected]

Now is a good time to turn your local radio on and become a part of the radio revolution!