REV DAVID FAREY: Brucey’s kindness and love for all he met

David Farey SUS-160113-102615001
David Farey SUS-160113-102615001

I felt sad when I heard about the death of Sir Bruce Forsyth the other week. Along with so many I grew up watching him every week on the Generation Game.

He was such a familiar face on our TV screens for so many years.

His amazing professionalism and skill I am sure has helped to contribute to the success of Strictly Come Dancing that will soon be back entertaining us on Saturday nights.

In among all the glowing tributes several things struck me. Tony Blackburn commented that Bruce had never needed to use swear words to get a laugh and added perceptively, “which is perhaps something today’s comedians could learn from.”

He has hit upon something which is all too common today with the spread of bad language, heard all too often in our streets and public places.

Occasionally someone lets slip a word in my presence, and if they have retained some sense of decency will apologise. But bad language is not appropriate whether there is a vicar in your presence or not!

A common thread to most tributes was the way that Bruce showed kindness and love for those around him.

In all his dealings with contestants he had fun with them and didn’t make fun of them.

He had a respect and natural touch for the people around him which was heart-warming and uplifting. What I thought high praise indeed came from his Strictly co-star, Claudia Winkleman who said, “The Bruce you saw really was the man he was.”

We live in a world surrounded by so much that is false.

We get used to so called ‘celebrities’ who are discovered to be totally different people to how they are portrayed in the media.

Sadly there are prominent church figures that have also been shown to have less wholesome aspects to their characters.

Jesus taught us to be generous, loving, compassionate and forgiving.

All too often human nature is revealed to be the opposite. Many have perhaps heard the joke about the burglar who ignores the parrot saying, “Jesus is watching you”, only to turn around and be confronted by the Rottweiler guard dog called Jesus!

The thing is, if you can accept it, the real Jesus is watching and knows every unkind word or deed that we perform and we will be answerable for them!

The goodness has to come from the heart.

Of those in public positions there are sadly a lot of bad examples for people to copy, and it shows in all too many people’s behaviours.

People like Sir Bruce Forsyth are a breath of fresh air but are becoming all too rare!