REV DAVID FAREY: Applauding those who carry out acts of kindness

David Farey SUS-160113-102615001
David Farey SUS-160113-102615001

Our world has seen some awful things happening over this last week and it is hard to make sense of any of it. It is a sad reality that there are many sick minded people who will perform all kinds of evil and who can be manipulated and persuaded into all kinds of extreme action.

Sadly we get many incidents of vandalism and theft which impact at many levels, such as the recent theft of flagstones from a WWI memorial being stolen from Brighton only last week.

The disrespect this exhibits in this centenary year shows the depth of ignorant mentality of these morons.

The incident in Nice though 
has a particular horror with its totally
 indiscriminate targeting of young and old regardless of faith, race or persuasion.

Being a time of celebration and party meant that the contrast from fun and enjoyment to absolute terror and death was particularly marked.

In listening to the many eyewitness accounts early on the Saturday morning there was one report that especially struck me.

It was of an ex British serviceman who heard the shouting and panic.

He saw everyone running away from something. He said that he started running in the opposite direction towards the incident in order to find out what was happening and to see if he could help.

Most people in a situation like 
that would probably recognise that everyone was running from a dangerous situation and join the crowd, but not this man.

As an ex-serviceman he had clearly been trained to look after himself, but had also got that ‘can do’ attitude which faces situations head on.

He selflessly ran unarmed into what he knew was probably a dangerous situation. He had the presence of mind that when he encountered people who had fallen over in the rush and disorientated he helped them. His concern was for others rather than himself.

I applaud that man. His act was selfless and with concern for others.

Like Christ’s death on the cross for the sake of the world there is buried in each one of us that desire to do what we can for our fellow travellers in life.

Sadly for all too many that desire to help others has been submerged under layers of selfishness.

It is apparent in so many acts of selfishness we see in society around, such as in the simple thing of not holding a door open for someone that is immediately behind them!

Mercifully there are those who do commit many acts of selfless kindness at great cost to themselves and we need to recognise them for it, like that man in Nice.

His was a true act of bravery!