Ray Dadswell column: Absolutely brilliant!

I DIDN’T actually count the number of times I heard ‘Absolutely brilliant’ aimed at the television here at home during the Olympics coverage.

It must have been dozens, even scores, as Team GB worked wonders in cycling, rowing and swimming, to name just a few of the sports and events for which they have won medals.

Incredible, amazing, fantastic. All these superlatives, and many more, have been used to describe the determination and struggles of our athletes. Rightly so.

More local, the current production at the Devonshire Park Theatre in Eastbourne is attracting similar reviews. ‘Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance’, with just half-a-dozen singers/dancers and four musicians, is chock-full of energy and fun. ‘Absolutely brilliant’, the stage and auditorium ringing with songs from the musicals. All credit to producer and performers for a truly impressive couple of hours of wholesome entertainment.

Audience and spectators can only imagine how much exertion, time and discipline go into the attempt to achieve perfection. The finished article is testimony to everything that happens behind the scenes.

A school in the town has as its motto: Enthusiasm, Effort, Excellence. Staff and pupils are no doubt stimulated in their work when every day they see the notice carefully located by the entrance to the building.

In relating these descriptions to the sacrifice of Jesus, coming from heaven, as he did, to be our Example, Saviour and Lord, what can we say?

In a biblical understatement, we learn the truth that ‘he has done all things well’. Yes, the Easter story confirms it.

The question is: are we, his followers, as fervent, resolute, single-minded in the everyday opportunities to serve him, making use of our skills and abilities, not just our words, to win his approval? Are we whole-heartedly ‘performing’ in the Christian life to gain the Lord’s applause and commendation? That extra ‘push’, we believe, will get us there.

P.S. News of camps for young people starting this weekend. www.sussexchristiancamps.org.uk gives full details of dates, venue, costs, etc .