Queen’s Nazi salute story was hardly a story - more like the silly season

It’s the silly season! Every year there comes a point when newspapers and media struggle to come up with what can genuinely be called news. It usually leads to a spate of stories which are quirky and often frivolous. The recent story about our Queen giving a Nazi salute is one such. This story is definitely like an onion, with a number of layers and which generates a nasty smell.

The film exists and is not disputed. The fact that it has found its way into the public domain is something else. If it had been deliberately hidden it implies something to hide, but may be it was because it was known that there would be some lesser brained individuals who would misuse it. It is a historical film from a particular point in time very different to now. Had the Queen known what the gesture would come to mean five or six years later would she have made it? How could she when she was only six years old! That gesture only subsequently came to represent all that is evil about the human psyche personified in Hitler.

As a snapshot of history it is intriguing and generates what is hopefully an intellectual debate which may seek to inform our present age and help us to question things of today we take for granted which might have a bigger importance than we at present perceive. But it is hardly news! News is that people are still dying every day in our world due to conflicts. The one in Syria and surrounding areas gets a mention every so often. Ukraine pops up now and again, but Christians being killed in Pakistan or being arrested in Iran rarely does. This is news. This is that there are evil regimes functioning now in our world. Nazism and all that went with it is known and out there for all to see, but today we have what is almost a more insidious evil as it is happening today but a certain newspaper would rather report an event of what was then a piece of innocent silliness that occurred a lifetime ago, along with current dubious goings on among A, B and C list celebrities. The Church is not immune either. Still the cases of abuses by priests are being unearthed. Evil still stalks us as much as it did in 1933, and we all need to be vigilant. Back when this was a true saying, ‘Today’s newspapers are tomorrow’s fish and chip paper’. Let’s hope that today’s news leads all of us to create a better tomorrow!