Potholes not worthy of repair

From: Edward ThomasCollington Close

Friday, 25th May 2018, 10:19 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:49 am
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Does anyone else remember the old record, Right Said Fred, sung by Bernard Cribbins?

I am reminded of it in connection with the road repair work that is currently being undertaken.

For several months the junction of Collington Close and Silverdale Road could be seen to develop three gaping holes.

Car owners could take their pick as to which one to avoid or, if in frivolous mood, to plunge into on the drive out into the big wide world. About a month ago while doing some curtain-twitching, I was heartened to spot a council official taking what appeared to be snaps of the craters in question.

The stage that followed was the appearance of square chalk marks around the offending ruts. They could now be admired like pictures in frames. But that applied to only two of the three potholes. Was the third to be dismissed as not of equal value?

Ten days ago two highway repair lorries arrived on the scene disporting a total of four workers. In no time, and with modern machinery, they covered the two chalk-framed ruts. The result was quickly impressive. But the third rut was clearly confirmed as of a lesser breed and did not receive the same treatment.

The obvious observation is that the excellent and effective operatives could have covered the third crater to save time – and a return journey at a future date.

The omission to do so set me wondering whether road holes and ruts have to win their spurs in depth before they can be considered candidates for attention.