Please make Eastbourne beach a safer place for all users

From: E GourlaySt Johns Road

Friday, 7th June 2019, 10:28 am
Eastbourne beach and pier at low tide by John Stillwell, taken with a Canon ES600 D wide angle with a polarizing filter. SUS-190327-160657001

There are good theatres in most towns, but I have retired to Eastbourne to be near the sea.

In warmer months I try to bathe or paddle but the simple runner mats that I remember using on the Lifeguard Beach have not been provided.

This means going down to the water’s edge can be a dangerous effort, as well as the climb back up again.

It would cost so little to provide a runner mat and make the beach a safer place for all users.

Presently there is a very short blue runner which would be totally inadequate even if the tide were to be in.

Why can there not be some proper means for those of us who are weaker but like to reach the water in safety?

A narrow mat of long length could be rolled up and overwinter in the Lifeguard Hut.

The sunbeds and deckchairs provide some revenue for a mere visit to the beach.