Pier is part of town's history

From: Wendy NormanKempton Road, East Ham

Friday, 6th April 2018, 10:09 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 12:33 am
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Isn’t it about time Eastbourne Pier was taken back under control of the English Heritage and Eastbourne Council?

It is bad enough that the arsonist who caused the fire on the pier in 2014 and could have easily destroyed the pier was never caught, but putting someone who has no idea and no respect of a Grade 2 listed restructure to demolish it even more.

The fire was in 2014 and since that fire Mr Gulzar has made the pier look even worse, the lights all along the pier have never been replaced, most of them were damaged in the fire and the plastic around the lights melted and are in still the same condition four years later.

Also the tacky cheap mustard coloured paint that has been slapped onto the domes look awful, the paint on many of the lion heads along the pier has already started peeling off!

I read in the Eastbourne Herald that Mr Gulzar has put in planning permission to new buildings to be installed on the pier to place the buildings that were destroyed, which I agree with but I am totally dismayed to see that he is planning on using UPVC materials, which will probably be as cheap as the paint work!

Eastbourne Pier is a Grade 2 list structure that was built by the Victorians, it is a structure of historic importance and should be kept as it was originally built, when people visit Eastbourne and see the pier they should be able to view it as a piece of Victorian history not a modern day eyesore as that is what Mr Gulzar is turning the pier into.

Please do something about this issue before Mr Gulzar destroys the beauty of this Victorian structure any further!