Pause for Thought with Ray Dadswell: Who is Jesus?

In chemistry, he turned water into wine.

In biology, he was born without the normal conception.

In physics, he disproved the law of gravity when he ascended into heaven.

In economics, he disproved the law of diminishing return by feeding 5,000 men with two fishes and five loaves of bread.

In medicine, he cured the blind and the sick without administering a single dose of drugs.

In history, he is the beginning and the end.

In government, he said he shall be called Wonderful Counsellor, Prince of Peace.

In religion, he said that no-one comes to the Father except through him.

So, who is he? He is Jesus!

Let’s celebrate him together; he is worthy.

In perusing this anonymous piece, I am reminded of the story in Matthew chapter 16, where Jesus questioned his disciples as to who they thought him to be. Simon Peter, the chief spokesman, came up with the right answer: ‘You are the Christ, the Son of the living God’ (verse 16).

A further careful study of the Old and New Testament records would lead any open-minded reader to the same conclusion, would you not agree?