Pause for Thought with Ray Dadswell: Who are you to tell me?

Glen Scrivener, evangelist at Eastbourne’s Revival Prayer Centre, has clear answers on issues relating to life and how we should live it.

Here he responds to a discussion on biblical laws revealed to mankind many, many years ago.

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, as we know them, do you believe they are for everybody or just for ‘God-fearing’ people?

THE COMMANDMENTS are an embodiment of the Good Life, a life that loves God and

loves others. They were given to Israel who are called ‘God’s son’ in the Bible. So, essentially, it’s the life of God’s son lived out for the world to see. And whether we’re God-fearing or not, we can all be challenged by the vision of contented, true love.

IS ‘TAKING the Lord’s name in vain’, or (in a modern translation of Exodus 20, 7) ‘You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God’) anything to worry about in the 21st century? Surely God can look after himself!

QUITE OFTEN you’ll see protestors carrying placards saying ‘Not in my name’. They don’t want their government to act in ways they wouldn’t. And they certainly don’t want the government to claim to represent them. God is the same. There must be a million things that break his heart, things carried on by people who claim his ‘name’. That’s the sense of ‘taking the Lord’s name in vain.’ It’s not simply about what you say; it’s about ‘dragging God’s name through the mud’, through words and deeds. And the Bible is clear that if unbelievers blaspheme his name, it’s the people of God who need to examine the ways they’ve carried it. Have a look at Romans chapter 2, verse 24.

IS ANY ONE commandment in the list more important than the others?

WELL, THE order is probably important. It starts with the God-stuff and then love for God is meant to flow out to love for others. But it doesn’t really matter which commandment I break (and I break them every day!), as they all show me that the life of God’s son doesn’t come naturally to me. I

need the real Son of God to save me!

WOULD you remonstrate with people who say ‘Oh my God’?

SOMETIMES I’ve said to people ‘I don’t mind f-ing and blinding, but bear in mind when you say ‘Jesus’ because he’s a friend of mine!’

I heard of a woman who saw her plumber converted. He kept using Jesus as a swear-word. She said to him: ‘Oh, say that again.’ ‘Say what?’ he asked. ‘That name. It’s music to my ears.’ It started a conversation that led to him becoming a Christian!

HOW CAN WE teach reverence for the Lord’s name to our children?

We just need to teach people about how wonderful Jesus is. All the ‘thou shalts’ in the world can’t get into the heart and change us on the inside. But when we hear about his life, his death, his resurrection, his ongoing love for each of us, then we won’t want to take his name in vain.