Pause for Thought with Ray Dadswell: Wakey, wakey!

We are so blessed in Eastbourne, aren’t we, in having so many active theatres, with so much choice

of good wholesome entertainment.

The pantomime season has now come to an end; something of a bereavement to regular audiences,

but bringing with it a welcome rest for cast and crew, following 55 performances of ‘Sleeping


Whilst immensely enjoying each performance of the show that I attended, and commending the

company for doing such a brilliant job, I have not been able to stop myself looking for somewhere in

the story to insert a Christian ‘spin’ ...

It must of course be the appearance of the prince to awaken the slumbering young princess with a

kiss. (How exciting to hear the cheer at Devonshire Park when that happened!)

Churches in our town are known for their generous giving of time, people and resources to meet a

great variety of need in the community. That is not to be under-estimated.

On occasions, though, we wonder whether some congregations are not in deep-snooze mode,

oblivious to their neighbours calling out for help. Food, protection and shelter are unstintingly

provided, yes, but the proclaiming of the good news of Jesus as the Saviour of the world must also

be a priority.

Will they stir from drowsiness and welcome him when he arrives? The challenge, as in the

pantomime, is ‘Wakey wakey’.

P.S. Martyn Relf, chair of Churches Together, writes about the Day of Prayer.

‘On Saturday 19th January, the Winter Garden Gold Room will be turned into a prayer hall from 10.00

am to 7.00 pm. People are invited to come and go as they can. A fresh 40-minute session will start

on the hour every hour.

‘The theme this year is ‘Restoring Relationships’, focusing on society, the workplace, the home and

the church.

‘Who knows? This time next year we may be able to reflect on reduced crime figures, improved

relations at work, fewer broken homes, reconciliation in churches, all because Eastbourne prayed

and God heard.’

Remember James 5, 16: ‘Tremendous power is made available through a good person’s earnest