Pause for Thought with Ray Dadswell: “Remember me”

Jesus’ instruction to his disciples was very clear: “Do this in remembrance of me” (Luke 22, 46).

They were to take bread and wine, share with one another and call to mind his teaching, his love, his miracles and to look forward to his return.

In our churches today we do exactly the same, referring to this simple ceremony as communion, the Lord’s Supper, the eucharist.

Ken Grimes made a commitment at Mission Eastbourne in June 1984 to follow Christ, and here reflects on what this lovely tradition means to him.

“In more than 25 years, I have taken communion well over a thousand times. To be honest, I didn’t really understand at the beginning, but it has always been special.

“Since that time, I have taken it in a church, in the middle of a field; in a hospital ward, in a cattle auction shed; I have taken it with 2,000 other people present and with three other people present.

“Whilst taking it, I have seen people healed of sickness; I’ve seen people delivered from past hurts, I’ve seen people give their lives back to God.

“I’ve taken it with the finest loaf from the baker’s, I’ve taken it with the supermarket’s value pitta bread; I’ve taken it with the best quality claret, I’ve taken it with blackcurrant juice.

“I’ve taken communion in total silence and in a time of loud praise and worship. I’ve taken it witha heavy and aching heart and I’ve taken it full of the joy of the Holy Spirit.

“I’ve taken it with tears in my eyes and I’ve taken it with a big smile on my face.

“I’ve grown from that first naive experience to a much better understanding but still have lots to learn; I’ve come to appreciate what an honour it is both to serve and to be served.

“So, how should we take communion: where, when? In all the ways I’ve mentioned, plus hundreds more.

“On every occasion, in that wonderful one-to-one relationship with our Lord, we are open to give him thanks and ready to receive his grace.”

• PS Please note that the next Book Aid collection will take place this Saturday, 2lst May, at Victoria Baptist Church, Eldon Road, Eastbourne, from 10.00 am to 12 noon. Wanted especially are Bibles, commentaries and Christian biographies.