Pause for Thought with Ray Dadswell: Keeping in touch

It’s past mid-December and I haven’t decided yet whether to buy a new Christmas tree or dig one up from the garden. Raking around in the cupboard under the stairs to find the decorations has still to be done, and that all-important presents list ...

I thought about it in October, and there was a note in my diary to remind me in case I forgot about the swift passing of the months. Unlikely!

And now the greeting cards are arriving; generally the overseas mail which comes in first. ‘Post early for Christmas’ must obviously be translatable into other languages.

Many of our friends and relatives include an A4 letter with news of themselves and their families.

We do the same, sharing details of our highs and lows since we last had contact. So nice to keep in touch, albeit just on an occasional basis. Email, text and twitter do make it easier though.

We realise it is not possible to see everyone personally in the course of a twelve-month period.

Keeping in touch, one way or another, is such an important part of life.

Which is the basic message of Christmas.

The Bible makes it clear: ‘God so loved the world that he gave his only Son...‘ (John chapter 3, verse 16).

Not merely an event of 2,000 years ago, I realise, but a story relevant to every moment of every day in my own time. The Lord is always present and active in my experience, if I will but recognise it.

And still he wishes to communicate and enjoy an intimate relationship with you and me.

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