Pause for Thought with Ray Dadswell: Is God still in control?

Sunday, for most pastors and preachers, is in no way a day of rest.

I myself am often away from my fellowship at that time, both morning and evening, and the afternoon is taken up with the International Church in Eastbourne.

The congregation is made up mainly of students from countries far away from here, including Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand.

As well as being involved in the teaching programme, another of my designated duties is checking that the power point presentation is correct, especially the half dozen or so songs that we sing at the beginning of our worship.

On one occasion I was looking over what was projected on to the screen, and had a little chuckle as I came to the chorus of one modern hymn.

Instead of ‘Our God reigns’, an extra ‘s’ had been included to make ‘Our God resigns’.

What a difference!

Several thoughts entered my mind.

Does the Lord actually have first place in my life, that I can address him as King? What if he did decide, in view of the apathy and complacency and lack of honour given to him in society today, to step out of the picture? What would happen to the world?

The Bible reveals that God is intimately interested in his creation, and in the six billion who have their home on this planet.

Again, the comforting word is this: ‘He gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish’ (John 3, 16). Jesus Christ, who died, rose again from death and ascended to be with his Father, will return, according to plan, to take his forgiven followers to be with him in heaven for


We are fortunate, without a doubt, that God has not turned away from us, but, through Jesus, ‘upholds and maintains the universe by his mighty power’ (Hebrews 1, 3).

In addition to the amusement of that typing mistake, I once more learned a lasting lesson about the concerned and caring attitude of God to the whole of mankind.