Pause for Thought with Ray Dadswell: Happy New Year!

We all know we are not good at keeping our new year resolutions, and often say that we don’t bother to make them in the first place. But secretly we do, I imagine, and hope for the best.

Eat less chocolate, do more exercise, be more friendly to the neighbours – there are so many possibilities.

I have decided this time on one particular course of action. When I start to read a new book, I will finish it before starting another. So far it is working. But who knows for how long? After all, there is so much useful knowledge our there awaiting my attention.

As I peruse my New Testament, I find frequent references to ‘holding on’, that is ‘keeping the faith’, as Aled Jones used to say in his Sunday morning radio programmes.

A lot of pressures surround us these days as God’s people, and it is easy to compromise in our walk with the Lord. Neglecting prayer and Bible study, avoiding opportunities to share His love and grace with people around us ...

The alternative is to commit every moment to ‘holding on’ in 2014, remembering the verse of the psalm (27, 1): ‘The Lord is the stronghold of my life – of whom shall I be afraid?’ No better resolution.

Now a regular annual event, Eastbourne’s Day of Prayer is scheduled for January 11 at the Congress Suite.

Starting at 10am, there will be six 40-minute sessions, focusing on ‘Praying for Revival’, based on the words of the Lord’s Prayer.

We are invited to ‘come and go’ as we can, and it is hoped, of course, that many of the town’s Christians will be free to attend.

Martyn Relf, chair of Churches Together for Eastbourne, gives a number of reasons why we should be there.

“One, we pray ‘Our Father’, not ‘My Father’. This means getting together!

“Two, we are called to pray for the prosperity of the city we live in. Jeremiah 29, 7.

“Three, it’s the one opportunity in the year to pray beyond our church allegiances.

“Four, we are in need of God’s help as we face the challenges of witnessing to Jesus in these days.

Without Him we can do nothing. Hence our emphasis this year on seeking revival – the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in full measure!”