Pause for Thought with Ray Dadswell: Easter testimony

This purpose of this column is to provide news, views and personal stories from Eastbourne’s Christians. Often it is the testimonies which leave a lasting impression, perhaps none more so than the following, given a few years ago ...

When God chose to become a man, He certainly chose to go through everything we could possibly suffer.

Perhaps you think you have had a hard life and that you’ve not had a fair helping of luck.

Well, just look at Christ and the way the world treated Him. No-one here has suffered half of what He did, but what was His attitude to it all? While He was being ill-treated, was He bitter. Did He resent it? No! Not Christ. He loved those who hated Him, He died forgiving those who killed Him. What a man! But also, what a God! To do that for you and me.

I say He did it for you and me because it didn’t stop there. He rose again! He’s still alive and he’s a fantastic friend.

He understands every problem. You can’t suffer anything He hasn’t suffered already, and so He’s offering you now the benefit of His experience! He’s offering you a way of life with Him as a complete friend. One who always cares, always listens, always understands.

But there’s one thing more, not only will He be your friend in life, but also in death. This is the last thing that none of us has been through. But He has!

He’s already dead and alive again and so if we trust Him now, we won’t need to fear death. We’ll just go through it with Him as a our guide, and since He’s alive, so will we be, because, as the hymn says, ‘What power from Him can sever my soul? Can life or death or earth or hell? No, I am his forever.’

Who is the writer, you may ask?

Seventeen-year old John, sharing with his church contemporaries, just days before he died in a road accident. Poignant and heart-breaking, as well as shaking us into reality.

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