Pause for Thought with Ray Dadswell: Ask Eastbourne

“If you could ask God one question and knew that it would be answered, what would it be?”

Glen Scrivener, evangelist at Revival and Nick Cornell, curate at All Saints, both based in Eastbourne, were prompted by the Bishop of Lewes to encourage local congregations to work together in reaching out beyond the four walls of their churches.

The outcome was this initiative, Ask Eastbourne, which has also been set up in London and Sheffield, amongst other towns and cities around the UK.

Glen himself is regularly in the shopping precinct here on Saturday mornings, chatting to passers-by, inviting them to put their own questions to God.

“Our hope is to get a true barometer of where Eastbourne is spiritually, people’s understanding of God, their thinking around the big issues in life, as well as equipping local Christians to start conversations.”

Glen has noticed that it is the youth who stop to talk and engage with him on the street.

“There is an openness, which does not come through in the over-25s, who have perhaps made up their minds already about these things. ‘Is God real?’ was less of a question twenty years ago.”

He points out that in November 2011 people in Sheffield were wanting to know about suffering, how there can be only one God and why he should send unbelievers to hell.

“I anticipate that Eastbourne will be wanting responses to the same sort of questions. Some of those already received – on-line and in person – are quite harrowing. For example, why should my baby have been taken after enjoying only a few hours of life? What happens after death?”

The top questions in this survey will be discussed at the Winter Garden on Tuesday 27th, Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th March, 7.45 to 9.15 pm.

Further details of what this is all about can be found on

Glen makes this final comment: “God can handle our questions, without a doubt. Right at the beginning of the Bible (Genesis 3, 9), he asks Adam an extremely direct question ‘Where are you?’.

He is still looking for us, even now!”