Pause for Thought with Ray Dadswell

His name is Arnold, but his contemporaries call him Arnie. He is a second-year student at the University of Sussex, and has recently taken on the position of president of the Christian Union, leading the fifty-strong group in their evangelistic efforts on the Falmer campus.

Biochemistry is Arnie’s academic subject, and rap is one of his other talents. Yes, rap; described as ‘occupying a grey area between speech, prose, poetry and singing.’

Arnie’s performances have been mainly in his home church in London, and this testimony of his decision to follow Jesus Christ, acted out at a recent C.U. ‘open mic’ evening, proved to be challenging as well as entertaining. Enjoy.

‘So I’ll start the story at ten years old, energetic and bold;

Met my dad for the first time, was kind of old. I’m not going to lie though: if Christ was the template, he would be the mould.

Six months later, cancer would creep in. My mum’s crying, while I was sleeping. Nine months he died, no weeping.

Eleven years old, girls started speaking. I gave my life but that’s when girls started peeping. Forgot God, ‘cause girls were looking pleasing. So I opened up my laptop and started seeking; bare websites were creeping, was addicted for five years, now that’s the pique thing. Most days I’ve been thinking how would I have been if I was never this deep in.

Twelve, secondary school, on a mad hype. Anyone been to Norlington, there were mad fights! Glory to God, ‘cause fighting wasn’t my type. I aimed for the girls like Call of Duty on a mad snipe.

But God came like a thief in the night: “I want to change my life, Lord, it’s not right.” He said, “Come and be mine.” But the devil pulled me back, as if it was alright.

Now I’m 15, chained with the handcuffs, felt like a slave to my sin, now that’s tough, didn’t want to tell anyone about my stuff ‘till I hit 16, then I had enough.

I said to God: “I want to follow you today, but I don’t want to be led away or led astray.” And I got prayed for, I never ever felt this way, the Spirit was in my heart, now the spirit wasn’t in my head.

Take a look at me, this ain’t phoney. When you search deep, you feel lonely. No fairy tale, this ain’t a fake story, this the life of a redeemed sinner, my testimony.’

Honest, or what?

‘We, who ... reflect the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his likeness ... which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit’ (2 Corinthians 3, 18).