PAUSE FOR THOUGHT: Ray Dadswell. November.


I recently came across this item on a friend’s Facebook page ...

Ten Ways to Love

Listen without interrupting. Proverbs 18, 13.

Speak without accusing. James 3, 18.

Give without sparing. Proverbs 21, 26.

Pray without ceasing. Colossians 1, 9.

Answer without arguing. Proverbs 17, 1.

Share without pretending. Ephesians 4, 15.

Enjoy without complaining. Philippians 2, 14.

Trust without wavering. 1 Corinthians 13, 7.

Forgive without punishing. Colossians 3, 13.

Promise without forgetting. Proverbs 13, 12.

Not easy, I guess, but we can try!

A child’s perspective:

My son recently forwarded this delightful story.

‘Ethan (seven years old) and I went to the shop on Wednesday for some bread and milk. Whilst in there, I remembered that we needed kitchen towel. The bread and milk fitted in the bag, but the towel wouldn’t. The guy offered me another bag, but I said I’d just carry it.

‘When we left the shop, Ethan offered to carry the kitchen towel. I thanked him, but said I was fine. He insisted on carrying it, so I gave it to him and asked why it was so important.

‘His reply? “That way we each have a spare arm so we can hold hands.”

‘Speechless ...!’

In these days of suspicion and political correctness, the innocence of a child shines through.