Out in the Field with Herald Chief Reporter Annemarie Field: We can only hope drivers actually read the new signs

ISN’T it ironic that last Friday morning on my way into work and having written about the new signs on the Kings Drive roundabout telling people which lane to get into, a rather irate taxi driver stopped his car in the middle of the road, got out and severely berated the driver behind him for being in the wrong lane and “carving” him up?

Kim Chapman, who has been in touch with the East Sussex highways department for the last six months and me, says now that the road markings and road signs are in, all we can hope is that drivers actually read the signs.

So, once again, the left hand lane is for people wanting to go into the hospital or over to Cross Levels Way and the right hand one is for those who want to tootle along Kings Drive or up the Rodmill.


WOE betide you if you have the misfortune to be as sick as a small hospital at the weekend and need to visit the walk-in health centre at Eastbourne Railway Station.

Even worse if you’re elderly, deaf and blind as was the 91-year-old man who was treated so appallingly at the centre last Saturday morning.

The poor man was obviously unwell and both the receptionist and the triage nurse refused to help him fill in one of their necessary forms.

He couldn’t be booked in until the form had been completed so eventually after much eye rolling, tutting and slamming and banging from the two, another member of staff helped the man – in the middle of the waiting room, which is how we all knew he was 91, where he lived and what his ailments were. What has happened to patient confidentiality?

Surely there was another room they could have taken the poor gent into to get his vital details?

Then, to add insult to injury, the man, who was obviously very poorly and wanted to go outside to get a breath of fresh air, was warned by the reception who barked at him that he would be put to the back of the waiting list if he dared to put his walking stick out of the door.

Never mind the patient confidentiality aspect, there wasn’t even any compassion and respect.


THE LIST of things people don’t want to see or put up with in 2012 in Eastbourne continues to grow and grow and this week Wendy Lee, of Firwood Close, wrote in with details of more horrendous solar panels, this time in Parkfield Avenue, where as well as the detested panels, bright red meters have been put in between the front windows of the properties.

Wendy also suggests I check out the pavements (taking care not to break my neck) in Decoy Drive outside the residential homes and another writer also put pen to paper and said one of their pet hates was what they called “daft art”.

You know the type, when you’ve got a mass of paint splashes on a canvas that could’ve been done by my seven-year-old. They were referring to a recent exhibition of a “bit of old netting” in the middle of the room. I went along to that expo myself and was amazed at the number of people oohing, ahhing and cooing over this “object”.

They were delighted with it. As for me, it was a bit like having a seriously disappointing meal while your partner is happily licking their plate clean.


THANK you to everyone, especially Geoffrey Bateman, who quite rightly pointed out that I must have been having a blonde day when I wrote last week’s column. I inadvertently elevated Neil Kinnock to former Labour Prime Minister status when he was in fact the longest serving opposition leader in history never to get to carry his suitcases across the doorstep at Number 10.

What with that and my increasingly frequent “senior moments” it must be time for a holiday. See you in two weeks.