Out in the Field with Herald chief reporter Annemarie Field: So why can’t I find my size?

AS MUCH as I love this time of year and look forward to the months ahead, one of my all time favourite pastimes of shopping isn’t much fun.

The majority of the shops are boasting heavily discounted goodies but inside it’s like a jumble sale.

If you’ve been in M&S this week there’s not even a walkway any more and you can’t walk through the shop without stumbling into rails of cut price goods.

And unless you’re a size six or a 22, there are very few bargains to be had for me who has never in her life been the former and unless I pack up the cream cakes and bottled grapes, am heading towards the latter at an alarming rate.

The worst of it is that everything I try on is quite honestly like trying to shove ten pounds of King Edward’s spuds into a five pound bag.

I can’t wait for everything to get back to normal but I just need to finish off those last remaining mince pies and demolish what’s left of the Christmas cake...


FUNNIEST sign of the week is outside Balloonatics in Terminus Road’s Diesel Alley which says, “Come in and buy something before we get knocked down for the Arndale Centre extension”.

Funny, but true as that little card shop, along with Argos, Specsavers, Wimpy, and that lovely little family-run newsagents that sells just about everything, Watsons, will all disappear when the long-awaited town centre regeneration becomes a reality.


IN MY ongoing attempts to find a decent priced cuppa in Eastbourne as opposed to paying £1.60 for, not a mug, but a cup of tea, and to support local businesses, I have been out and about and recently found myself at The Pantry in the William and Patricia Venton Age Concern Centre in Junction Road, behind the Arndale Centre.

This little eatery serves up lovely grub and more importantly you get a mug of tea for 80p and a pot of tea which I managed to get three decent cups out of for just £1.

On the other end of the scale I also checked out the newly opened Martha’s Kitchen in Meads Village this week which is very nice but just two doors down from the hugely popular Black Cat cafe.

I love Meads with its traditional and quirky little shops but I do wonder if the village can really sustain two cafes.