Out in the Field with Herald chief reporter Annemarie Field: Send in your questions about Arndale Centre

IF I had a pound for every time somebody has said to me, “Why do we need a big extension to the Arndale Centre when there’s already a lot of empty shops in it?”

I would be a rich woman, could open my own second hand bookshop, bake chocolate brownies all day and be the pig in the proverbial mire.

But it’s a fair question and one I shall be putting to the head honcho of the redevelopment team later this month.

So, if you have any questions, you would like me to ask, send them to me at annemarie.field@trbeckett.co.uk

I already have some of my own: Please can we have a Miss Selfridge, River Island, Fat Face, Oasis, Disney store, Apple store, Hollister, the list is endless...


THIS WEEKEND is Mother’s Day and if you are lucky enough to have your Mum in your life, be sure and give her a big hug and show her how much she means to you.

My Mum was a straight talking Irish woman, full of life and zest who died suddenly 13 years ago.

I miss her beyond words and still think of her each and every single day. She never got to see my children, see me walk down the aisle and I can’t tell you how much I envy my friends when I see their Mums with their children.

I am very lucky though to have some great people in my life who have stepped into her shoes and do their best to keep me organised, on the straight and narrow and when I am in need of a cuppa and a chat, pick me up when I’m down – Ann Little, Auntie Sylvia, Auntie Brenda, Theresa McManus and my mother-in-law Maggie.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of them and remember: make sure you spoil your Mum rotten on Sunday: breakfast in bed, flowers, perfume, chocolates and lunch out and most important of all, a hug and tell her how much you love her.


THIS weekend is also my wedding anniversary. I chose St Patrick’s Day to tie the knot so Himself would have no excuses for forgetting our anniversary.

He and I will be leaving the Little Treasures behind for the night and heading off for a little R&R not to mention a Guinness-fest to celebrate. Slainte.