Out in the Field with Herald chief reporter Annemarie Field: Doing our bit to preserve precious water supplies

NEXT time you’re cleaning your teeth of a morning, humming away to yourself and letting the tap run and run, think of me.

No, seriously do. Because we all have to do our bit to save water and when I caught the Little Treasures running the tap while they brushed their gnashers I gave them a clip around the ear and told them not to be water wasters.

With the prospect of water shortages in our reservoirs and an imminent hosepipe ban this spring, we’ve become eco-warriors in our house fitting a water-saving hippo in our toilet cisterns, water butt in the garden and, despite it being one hell of a squeeze, we’re sharing baths.

But far more fun is this idea which I saw the other day: Save water – drink champagne!


I MANAGE to lose things on a regular basis and frequently mislay my keys, wallet, phone, you name it. I have even been known to lose my shoes on some evenings. Friends say I have the ability to lose my own shadow.

But I shall be a little more careful next time I buy a parking ticket when I park up in the Enterprise Centre in Eastbourne. Word reaches me that should you be unfortunate to lose your parking ticket you could be hit with a fine of £15.30, which seems like an awful lot of money to get your car out of the car parking area.


OH DEAR, oh dear Malcolm Rasala, you certainly seem to have upset the proverbial apple cart with your rantings on the Herald letters page last week about Eastbourne being ‘hideously ugly’, a carbuncle, a morgue of a town.

I am Eastbourne born and bred and - having travelled around the world a couple of times - don’t think there is a nicer corner of the earth to live in and am fiercely passionate about our beautiful town.

We have a beautiful seafront, lovely architecture (apart from the Towner, Congress and TGWU), plenty of pubs and nice eateries, plenty to offer young and old and lots of people who genuinely care about the town and want to be part of its vision for the future.

People have slated Mr Rasala and seeing as this is a family newspaper and I am a good Catholic girl, I will refrain from repeating some of the names he is being called.

But I do have this question for Mr Rasala: Why are you living here? Why are you residing in a town which you so obviously detest and absolutely have no passion for?

It rather reminds me of that hideous mother of tennis player Andy Murray who, when discovering her equally unpleasant son had been drawn to play in Eastbourne last summer, said our town was sleepy and boring and tweeted “Hopefully (the tie is) not in Eazzzzztbourne. Been there done that”.

I said at the time if Mrs Murray has ‘been there, done that’ as far as Eastbourne is concerned, she should keep her nasty comments to herself and just stay at home.

Same goes for Mr Rasala. He should keep his obnoxious remarks to himself and Foxtrot Oscar somewhere else.


CONTINUING my search for a decent cuppa and supporting new local businesses, I found myself in Cornfield Terrace this week having a brew at Jasper Wood, a lovely little eaterie selling not only coffee, cakes and the like but also jewellery and curiosities from all over the world. It’s a real little Aladdin’s Cave and well worth a visit.