Out in the Field with Chief Reporter Annemarie Field: What has happened to the Nit Nurse?

I MUST be getting old.

I struggle with change and so the news that Eastbourne Police Station in Grove Road is closing its doors has completely thrown me.

What will people do when they want to report a crime?

Where will the students go to ask for directions?

And where will revellers go to see if the handbag they lost during a wild night out on the town has been handed in?

Back when I was a girl (no, not when dinosaurs roamed the earth, but in the early 1980s) it was home to the town’s policemen and a safe haven where you could get help.

Admittedly, in recent years, the iconic building, with its original prison cells in the bowels of the building where you could hear the Town Hall clock chime every 15 minutes, has become more of an administration centre.

The cut and thrust of everyday policing in the town is commandeered from the characterless drab policing centre in the back end of beyond that is Hammonds Drive.

The rationale behind the decision is that the cost-cutting measure will mean more bobbies on the beat which is what we all want.

But it’s still a shame this lovely building is going to be shut up and potentially left empty.

I hope it will be converted into swanky flats rather than being knocked down to make way for some hideous monstrosity.

The talk is Eastbourne Police will be cosying up with the council at Number 1 Grove Road which is good news and let’s hope that happens.

The police need a town centre base – somewhere you can go when you need help and not somewhere where you have to get two buses and a taxi ride, not to mention an appointment to see a police officer.


AND while we are on the subject of things not being like they used to be, what has happened to the school nurse, or more precisely the Nit Nurse?

When I was knee high to a grasshopper we used to have Nitty Nora the Head Explorer, who would make sure any outbreaks of little critters were stamped on before they spread across the whole school.

What I would do for Nitty Nora now!

In recent months my two little treasures have brought home some extra friends, some the size of racehorses, and, despite me dousing them in every lice killer and hair conditioner known to man, they keep returning which means that although we are treating them, other parents aren’t so vigilant.

This week I parted company with the best part of a tenner for some special shampoo and conditioner, which will hopefully ensure a critter-free summer.

But if there are any retired Nitty Noras out there with any advice, I would love to hear from you!