Out in the Field with chief reporter Annemarie Field: They say it’s all about parking control... not about making money

NEWS reaches me this week that parking wardens are being a little too draconian in their attempts to manage parking problems or as some observers believe “make money”.

Dishing out tickets to people parked in loading bays late at night and giving tickets to people where the yellow lines are barely visible are just some of the examples people are unhappy about.

I know I’m not going to win a whole legion of fans if I say at this point I don’t actually mind the pay to park scheme in Eastbourne. At least now you can find a parking space outside the shops and, while it’s pricey, it’s not as expensive as other towns.

And I do believe visitors from out of town should pay to park on our lovely seafront rather than park up all day, unload their picnic basket and sit on the beach without ploughing anything back into our town’s economy.

But what I do struggle to understand though is why some of the wardens - and those in charge of the appeal process - are going a step too far when it comes to managing the scheme.

It was my own fault but I have received two tickets. The first, when the scheme came in, I didn’t realise the parking spot in Cavendish Place had changed from a two hour to a permit holders only bay and the second, when we parked in Cornfield Road instead of Langney Road, was because my young son, who loves putting £1 in the meter, and I assumed we would be okay for an hour but arrived back at our car 40 minutes later to find a ticket on the windscreen because our £1 was only worth 30 minutes.

My poor son was beside himself in tears and the warden, who to be fair was just doing his job, suggested we appealed because it was an “innocent mistake”. But the powers that be had none of it.

Anyway, I digress. Now I hear that because of all the roadworks we have had some of the double yellow lines are totally unlawful as the T bar ends are obscured and the lines have no defined end. On Friday a warden was seen dishing out a ticket to a motorist in Whitley Road on one of those shaky lines and told if he didn’t like it he could “take it to appeal”.

Worse than that though is the fact wardens are working up until 10pm on Friday and Saturday nights in the town centre giving tickets to people who park in loading bays. Why? Nobody is delivering to closed businesses. If loading bays need to be kept clear overnight then surely late night working midweek should be a priority with early morning deliveries a good probability.

But then there aren’t as many people driving into town to catch out on a Tuesday night are there?!

And they say it’s all about parking control and not about making money.....