Out in the Field with chief reporter Annemarie Field: Skatepark - already a done deal

I’M GOING to nail my whatsits to the mast this week at the risk of upsetting the mayor and, more importantly, my 11-year-old son, who is skatepark mad and would sleep next to his scooter every night if I’d let him.

But I have to say I don’t like the idea of a skatepark going into Manor Gardens. Gildredge Park yes, but Manor Gardens no.

When I was knee-high to a grasshopper we played noisily in Princes Park, Hampden Park, Gildredge Park and Old Town Rec while Motcombe Gardens and Manor Gardens were places where people could enjoy a bit of peace and tranquillity.

It’s the same nowadays.

Earlier this summer we went to Manor Gardens where I bumped into a friend who was laying flowers at a tree she had planted in memory of the daughter she lost two years ago.

We walked from the gardens through into Gildredge Park where there’s plenty of noise and hustle and bustle and a skatepark wouldn’t look out of place, as it wouldn’t in Longland Rec.

But a lot of the residents around there don’t want it on their doorstep.

A meeting on the skatepark takes place on Wednesday.

Unfortunately though – and I may be wrong (although my husband will tell you that’s rarely the case!) – I fear it is already a done deal and the decision- making committee will purely be going through the motions.

Like it or not, the skatepark has turned into a hot potato and I can’t see the mayor’s fellow Liberal Democrat politicians turning their backs on her and kicking this political football into touch and out the door.

PRAISE the Lord and all the saints. You can almost hear a collective sigh of relief as the kids go back to school Monday (or Tuesday if you’re really unlucky and they have an inset day!) after the long summer break and I shall be glad to get back into a routine with the little treasures.

This September’s a little different though as come Monday morning I will be there with my hanky in my hand waving off the Ginger Prince at the railway station as he heads off for his first day at St Richard’s in Bexhill.

Good luck to all those who are starting “big school”.

You’ll be fine and will soon settle in.

And as I say to my children, “You haven’t got much choice, you’re there until you’re 16 so you’ll learn to like it!”