Out in the Field with chief reporter Annemarie Field: Roll on September!

WHERE has the year gone?

It seems like only five minutes ago that the little treasures were starting the school year last September. But all of a sudden, the exams are over and, from this week, school’s out for summer.

The last day of term was a particular milestone for us as it marked the end of junior school for the Ginger Prince. Now, I haven’t cried since Pauline Fowler shuffled off the end of her perch in EastEnders, but Wednesday afternoon my eyes were very close to my bladder and I felt quite emotional as the Year 6s made the most of their last day together before going on to their chosen secondary schools in September and said their farewells.

Looking back, it also only seems five minutes ago he was starting out in reception class. I remember the day fondly. As other mothers sobbed into their hankies, I dropped him off, did a Morecombe and Wise style dance out of the door while shouting, “He’s all yours now” to a bewildered looking headmistress.

You’ve probably gathered by now that although I love my children dearly, I’m never going to win an award for Mother of the Year. In fact I often tell them they needn’t feel they have to wait until they’re 16 to leave home – anytime soon will do. He’s 11 and she’s seven.

Yes, time is certainly going faster the older I get but you can guarantee one thing that won’t fly by and that’s the long six-week school holiday ahead of us.

And isn’t it ironic that when you need them up nice and early, bright eyed and bushy tailed to go on the school run, they have to be dragged out of bed? Yet when they can languish in their pit until lunchtime, they’re up at dawn’s crack demanding to know where they’re going before I have even had the time to wipe the sleepy dust out of my eyes.

Happy holidays to one and all – and roll on September!


GOOD on the Eastbourne magistrates this week who well and truly threw the book at the Eastbourne carer, who abused her position and exploited vulnerable residents in an unspeakable manner – all the while filming them on her iphone.

The court case makes for truly horrendous reading but thankfully Miss Sta Maria is now behind bars at Her Majesty’s pleasure and away from the poor people she was paid to take care of. Let’s hope she never gets within spitting distance of a care home ever again.


TWO THINGS I heard this week: The former Towner Art Gallery, a most beautiful building before it was left to rack and ruin, is under offer; and despite all his wealth and the wherewithal to stay anywhere he likes, Eastbourne’s landlord the Duke of Devonshire and his wife are regulars at the Big Sleep Hotel on Eastbourne seafront.