Out in the Field with chief reporter Annemarie Field: Prepare for an Avenue queue

AS IF by magic after my little rant last week, come Wednesday all that horrible fencing, the hundreds of cones and lots of men in luminous jackets, always wandering around aimlessly scratching their heads when I tried to negotiate a path past them, finally disappeared from the Grove Road roundabout and outside the station as the work was completed after weeks and weeks and weeks of disruption.

Perhaps next time we need roads resurfacing or gas pipes ripped up or whatever else, the powers that be could come up with some joined up thinking that means we don’t have to endure roadwork after roadwork at every turning.

And while we’re on the subject, news reaches me that The Avenue will be the next road to be dug up, blocked off and dotted with temporary traffic lights.....deep joy.


I SPENT a lot of my youth down at the Archery and was sad to see the lovely old Archery Tavern on the corner of Seaside and Churchdale Road building knocked down to make way for flats. I see the developers want to put a Co-op below the proposed flats but isn’t that a bit daft seeing as there is already a Tesco Express just 100 yards away?


BIG thanks to everyone who has joined the campaign to keep the Beachy Head Lighthouse stripes and offered their help, support and advice to keep the red and white markings.

Whether it be boatowners offering to sail scaffold poles out to the building or people picking up paintbrushes, the response has been phenomenal and hopefully Trinity House, which hasn’t got the £45,000 needed to meet the repainting costs, will agree to the facelift becoming a community project.

It’s a tad ironic though that among the goodies Trinity House sells on its website is a pack of 10 Christmas cards for £9.95 featuring a stunning scene of none other than Beachy Head Lighthouse on a winter’s day. Wouldn’t it be nice if the lighthouse authority coughed up some of the proceeds towards painting the lovely lighthouse featured on their cards?


I HAD a major Mummy Malfunction last Saturday when en route to a wedding, and despite a frenzied ferret about for hairgrips and a bucketload of hairspray, my hair looked like a burst couch. So a big thank you to Toby and the lovely Laurie at Ministry of Hair for coming to my aid.