Out in the Field with Chief Reporter Annemarie Field: Please keep the stripes!

UNSURPRISINGLY, my rant last week about getting offenders off their backsides and dangling from the Beachy Head lighthouse with paintbrushes in their hands has fallen on deaf ears.

But the good news is that support is growing for an independent project to spruce up the landmark and repaint its bright red and white stripes after Trinity House, which owns the lighthouse, said it didn’t have the dosh and the building would have to go back to being boring dowdy old grey.

Paint suppliers are already coming forward and what we need now is a local scaffolding company, some friendly boat owners and a team of painters, preferably all with a head for heights.

Think of all those great headlines – not to mention loads of free publicity as well as putting Eastbourne on the map.

Then all we need to do is flutter our collective eyelashes at the lovely men in suits at Trinity House, get the relevant permission, wade through the mountain of health and safety forms and we could be getting somewhere!


Wish Tower challenge?

SO, after years and years of being privately run, the Wish Tower Restaurant is finally going to be handed back to Eastbourne Borough Council at the end of next month.

The council certainly has its work cut out in bringing the building – in such an enviable seafront position – up to scratch because let’s face it, it looks like a shed from outside, the inside looks like the wreck of the Hesperus and the whole place needs a massive facelift.

Bearing in mind the fact you can’t polish up a bit of muck, why not pull it down and start again?

Then if we can’t get Jamie Oliver or one of those other posh cooks off the telly down there to open up a restaurant.

Ask Colin Taylor, from Shades, if he wants it or Jim Roberts from the Lamb/Eight Bells/Barley Mow – two men who everything they touch seems to turn to gold and know what they’re doing when it comes to dishing up good old-fashioned, reasonably-priced grub.


September sun a relief

AS I write this, and after last weekend’s atrocious weather when World War III nearly broke out in our house after I suggested turning the central heating back on, it’s finally stopped raining.

The sun is shining and September is behaving as it should – nice sunny days and still warm enough to sit out in the garden with a nice-chilled glass of Lady Petrol!